Writing amends aa

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Writing amends aa

In this letter, be as detailed as you can about your behaviors that have been hurtful to others and yourself. This is a major aspect of relationship counseling for couples experiencing relationship betrayal and infidelity.

Take Full Responsibility Take full responsibility for what you have done. Do not blame others or try to excuse your behavior. I recommend that you read it to your sponsor or therapist and allow him or her to be honest about whether you are minimizing, rationalizing or justifying your past behaviors.

Are you watering down or leaving anything out? Are you blaming or deflecting blame in any way? Once you feel comfortable and confident that you have written your amends and made the corrections that your sponsor or counselor have recommended.

Now write the letter as if you are going to read it to your spouse. You should state the goal of the letter in the very beginning. Admit that you broke the promises you made in your marital vows by having a number of affairs or whatever the behavior has been during your marriage.


Admit any lies that you expressed and also be honest about potential health risks that you may have exposed her to. Reiterate that no matter what you have learned, you are responsible for your actions.

If your intention is to stop these behaviors, say so here, but acknowledge that you understand there is no reason for her to believe you at this point. Repeat that your actions have been wrong and hurtful and that you are sorry.

Once reading the letter is complete, the therapist should ask your partner if she has any questions or wants to say anything to you. Respond to those questions and again repeat that you are willing to answer any questions she may have in the future but you want the help of the therapist.

I am sorry about the way I told you those things.

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I was selfish and did not consider the impact on you. Now, I want you to know the truth about everything and am willing to answer any questions you have now. First, I tell you these things with a heavy heart. I know you always though we have a good marriage. My past behaviors are not fair to you.

What I did was wrong and I am sorry you are suffering the consequences for what I did. I want you to know that you did not do anything to cause what my past behaviors. I made the choices I made because of the way I was thinking.

This is not your fault, it is fully and totally mine. You are a good woman, a good wife, and a good friend. I do not blame you or anyone else for what has happened.

writing amends aa

I have learned lots about myself since I entered treatment. Once of the things is that I am a liar. I have led to boost myself up. It is important that you know I do know now and am remembering how much I lied to you.

I lied about how I was feeling. I lied about money, where I was, the people I was with. I told lies that suggested that you were at fault, or stupid for suspecting me. You were right to suspect me. I have had several affairs since we have been married.

As well as I can remember, the affairs started when I began working at Intel. I would flirt with coworkers and say inappropriate things to women.I was trying to make sense of your assessment of the 12 steps. I definitely want nothing to do with the mark of the beast.

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The lyrics to each song, written by the band’s then-drummer Mike Portnoy, deal with his experience. Writing Amends Letter. First step in writing Amends Letter or “I apologize” letter is to write it out with the mindset that this “rough draft” is not to be sent or read to your partner—it is a draft from which to be accountable with your higher power and/or your therapist.

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