Write an email to your future self

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Write an email to your future self

I think and I tinker. It was a letter my twenty year-old self had written to my twenty six year-old self, who in the midst of pondering where his path laid, decided that it was a good idea to write to his future self. Re-reading it, the letter remains as poignant and relevant today as the day I received it.

Because of that, there is a lot of trepidation today. Even though we change as we grow, I guess many of us never really change on the innermost level, but we simply develop layers and nuances superposed on that core and become a different version of ourselves.

Back to the letter. Below are selected excerpts of the letter, interspersed with my commentary. It began with some preamble about what was happening back then when I wrote that letter: I was having a Java programming language exam next week and I was about to enlist into the army.

Then I asked about my folks. How are they doing now that they are older?

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Are they still socializing as much as when you were young? Have you been good to them?? Although they no longer party as much Yup, my parents were pretty wild. In a good way Have I been good to them?

So, no…pretty low on the filial piety scale in the past few years: If not, how are they and where are they now? Sure, a few have drifted away, but I have also been fortunate enough to have gained a handful of new ones.

You wanted to travel as much as possible, you wanted to live life to its fullest and see as much as possible. Are you still that same guy? I did, I moved abroad.

write an email to your future self

But I have been on a spectacular journey inwardly. The love of my life continues to win hearts with those dreamy eyes and his zen-like demeanor. I asked about my ambitions and if I have achieved what I wanted to achieve. I even took the opportunity to bust my own balls. You speak so much sense, did you put money where your mouth is?

Growing up, sports dominated my life. It was fitting that I asked if I continued to stay active.

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Sadly, no longer team sports. No you are hilarious! What would I tell my 20 year-old self?

write an email to your future self

The older I get the more I enjoy wrestling with myself, and seeings others around me do so. That magic tends to spark at the outer edges; in the realms of uncertainty, discomfort, and failure.

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FutureMe: Write a Letter to your Future Self