Threats to tourism in india

Tourism, Threats, Terror, and War April As much as the travel industry dislikes discussing the issue of threats, threat assessments, the terror attacks and war, the current climate forces travel professionals to take the time to look at threats to its component industries and be prepared to deal with such threats such they happen.

Threats to tourism in india

ISI has also established links with crime syndicates in order to facilitate drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, and the distribution of arms and explosives to subversive elements already active in the country.

It also has a sophisticated communication network from which it launches cyber attacks, and it gathers intelligence, establishes safe houses and arranges border crossings for covert operations and terrorist activities.

These states have more than 4, kilometers of international borders, and the entire region has been prone to some form of insurgency and terrorism for decades. In the last 20 years there has been a gradual escalation of the violence in all of the insurgency-prone areas of the northeast.

The militants formed links with tea estates and with other industries and bought safety. This provided the militant groups with easy and almost unlimited sources of financial help. Despite an agreement between Bodos and non-Bodo tribes inpeace did not return.

Neither the Bodos nor the non-Bodo tribes were happy with the arrangements suggested in this accord. As a result, brutal attacks, killings, and ethnic cleansing continue.

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The National Academies Press. Different militant groups, however, have varied political aspirations and demands. Therefore, much confusion prevails.

Insurgent-terrorism in Tripura arose following a large influx of immigrants. As a result of this influx, the original tribal population dropped from 93 percent to 29 percent of the overall population between andbecoming a minority.

Ethnic clashes between tribals, Bengalis, and people from Assam continue to provide an impetus to the insurgency and to terrorists in the state. The movement against outsiders in Meghalaya has become violent.

Threats to tourism in india

The latest round of terrorist activities showed that fresh consignments of arms and explosives have reached Meghalaya recently. Insurgencies have continued unabated in the northeast for the last 50 years.

The northeast falls along the transit route used to smuggle narcotics from the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia. This facilitates arms smuggling.The destinations under threat from tourism - in pictures. India. The flow of tourists is increasing dramatically to Jaisalmer and the local infrastructure is outdated and unable to cope.

But unlike other natural threats, man-made threats are threats that we can prevent by changing our behavior. As humans, we have a unique ability to understand the consequences of our actions, both present and past. Some of the factors are: Safety concerns - Esp terrorism and other related threatsHealth concerns - Still many parts of India are considered unhealthy and not so safe for foreigners to visitTheft.

Tourism, Threats, Terror, and War. Threat assessments in tourism often involve three basic areas. First the travel professional ought to think about where the local industry is vulnerable to security issues.

For example, the recent sniper shootings in Washington, DC showed just how vulnerable the public is to random violence and the ensuing. Essays - largest database of quality sample essays and research papers on Threats To Tourism In India.

Threats to tourism in india

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