The stone raft by jose saramago essay

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The stone raft by jose saramago essay

Description A 'marvelously amusing' political fable in which part of the European continent breaks off and drifts away on its own Publishers Weekly, starred review.

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One day, quite inexplicably, the Iberian Peninsula simply breaks free from the European continent and begins to drift as if it were a sort of stone raft. Panic ensues as residents and tourists attempt to escape, while crowds gather on cliffs to watch the newly formed island sail off into the sea.

Meanwhile, five people on the island are drawn together? Taking to the road to explore the limits of their now finite land, they find themselves adrift in a world made new by this radical shift in perspective.

As bureaucrats ponder what to do about their unusual predicament, the intertwined lives of these five strangers are clarified and forever changed by a physical, spiritual, and sexual voyage to an unknown destination.

At once an epic adventure and a profound fable about the state of the European project, The Stone Raft is a 'hauntingly lyrical narrative with political, social, and moral underpinnings' Booklist that 'may be Saramago's finest work' Los Angeles Times. Translated from the Portuguese by Giovanni Pontiero.In his novel The Stone Raft, Societies of Mutual Isolation, an essay on Saramago by Benjamin Kunkel from Dissent "The Year of the Death of Jose Saramago" in memoriam from n+1; Jose Saramago's blog; on YouTube (English subtitles) "Raised from the Ground by.

The stone raft by jose saramago essay

The Stone Raft Jose Saramago, Author, Giovanni Pontiero, Translator Houghton Mifflin Harcourt P $23 (p) ISBN More By and About This . Jose Saramago uses these five characters and the Canis familiaris with them to typify the different ways that worlds react in a political crisis state of affairs.

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Some people react by taking opportunities and researching like the adult male that throws the stone out into the sea. “Once but no longer the Prow of Europe: National Identity and Portuguese Destiny in José Saramago’s The Stone Raft” in On Saramago, Mendes, V.

(ed.), Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies, 6 Spring, Dartmouth: University of Massachusetts. In Saramago's memorable fable, fantasy and reality merge and surprising twists and turns of the plot become commonplace.


This tale of fixed points and shifting goals, of uprootedness and displacement, takes as its starting point a deceptively simple conceit and becomes a /5(4). The Stone Raft is a novel by Nobel Prize in Literature-winning Portuguese writer José Saramago. It first appeared in Portuguese in , and was translated into English in

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