The journey of frank money to lotus in home a novella by toni morrison

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The journey of frank money to lotus in home a novella by toni morrison

Add a Comment ArapahoeAnnaL Feb 10, Pulls you in to a particular vision of heaven on earth found amid degrading racism, poverty, and war. Like RogerDeBlanck Jan 31, With a literary career that spanned into its fifth decade with the publication of Home, Morrison continued to produce work as powerful and unforgettable as any fiction in this day and age.

A veteran of the Korean War, Frank Money returns to the states with the great fortune of having escaped physical wounds. More distressingly, though, he suffers from nightmarish flashbacks over the atrocities he committed as a soldier. He is also distressed over any thought of returning to his godforsaken hometown of Lotus, Georgia.

When a letter arrives from a resident of his childhood town telling him that his younger sister, Ycidra "Cee"has fallen victim to a crime, Frank bolts back to the place he despises in order to save her. The central story of Frank and Cee is compelling and tender.

It recounts life's struggle to survive and to find ways to forgive and move on. Morrison packs surprises and shocks, and the ending is tremendously sad and beautiful in its power to explore how any transgression can be faced with dignity and how solace can be found in a redeeming act of grace.

The main plot is supplemented with side stories, full of their own intrigue.


Even in such a short novel such as Home, Morrison's range of narrative is extraordinary. Everything feels so authentic and every character, no matter how minor, feels so real.

Her novels are never one straightforward narrative. They are canvases with various spots of unforgettable insight. They are interwoven tableaus of places and people.

Morrison offers up fascinating details, and her prose is vibrant and fresh, reminding us of her brilliance. Even in its brevity, Home is another testament that with each work Toni Morrison breaks new ground as an artist and re-establishes the measure of what every writer should do: The Bluest Eye is my favorite one so far but this one is very good too.

This is the first book I have ever read about an African-American Korean vet who risked his life to preserve the freedom of Southern Whites to discriminate against him. Without writers like Toni Morrison, Americans would continue to believe that only whites are heroes.

In Django Unchained we saw a 19th century White plantation owner forcing his slaves to wrestle to the death. In this book, you read that the practice still existed in the 20th century. Like b bookwormjeph May 18, I read this in almost one session. Another great novel form Toni Morrison about a black veteran arriving home from the Korean war.

His trials, his nightmares and his journey back to a home town he never wanted to return to. That is all I will say. Get it and read it. Like u uncommonreader Jun 03, A restrained novella telling a story of redemption. It is unusual for Morrison in its male protagonist, but usual in containing the themes which preoccupy her.

This is a remarkably hopeful story given the personal circumstances of Morrison's life at the time.

The journey of frank money to lotus in home a novella by toni morrison

Like sheilahamanaka Mar 18, Home is a great book. Run to the library and get the audiobook version of "Home" and you will hear Toni Morrison read her book. It is a wonderful gift to hear her tell the story.Toni Morrison's novels never happen in the here and now.

The journey of frank money to lotus in home a novella by toni morrison

They take place after the Great Depression or during the Jazz age, in 19th-century Ohio or in pre-slavery north America, as was the case in.

Frank Money was damaged emotionally as well as physically while fighting in Korea, then returns home to an America as racist as ever.

What saves him from utter despair is the need to rescue his equally damaged sister and bring her back to their small Georgia town, a place he has always despised.

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BCE. A Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Jules Verne. France. Novel. Toni Morrison. USA. Novel. The Bonfire of the Vanities. Tom Wolfe. USA. Novel. Oscar and Lucinda. Peter Carey. Toni Morrison’s latest novel, Home, is concerned also with war, injustice, and homecoming.

We are in the next decade of the 20th-century, with African-American Frank Money returning from the battlefields of Korea, but the racism is just as ingrained in the country he was fighting for. Summer Reading List. Try THE HIGH SCHOOL AFFILIATE STORE (Shipping is usually within several days for most books.

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