The crucible fear causes irrationality

Share2 Shares 5K Mass hysteria is the common term used to describe a situation in which various people all suffer from similar hysterical symptoms — either from a phantom illness or an inexplicable event. This list looks at ten of the most well known cases of Mass Hysteria — from the past and present. Within hours, residents of Gujarat claimed that seawater at Teethal beach had turned sweet as well. In the aftermath of the incidents, local authorities feared the possibility of a severe outbreak of water-borne diseases, such as gastroenteritis.

The crucible fear causes irrationality

Overall Story Throughline In this Puritanical time, there is a definite fixed attitude of the ruling theocracy: But you must understand, sir, that a person is either with this court or he must be counted against it, there be no road in between.

This is a sharp time, now, a precise time—we love no longer in the dusky afternoon when evil mixed itself with good and befuddled the world. I hope you will be one of those.

They lived in a universe where each man was saved or damned by himself, and what happened to them was personal.

The crucible fear causes irrationality

One need not believe in witches, or even in God, to understand the events in Salem, but it is mere provinciality to ignore the fact that both those ideas had a reality for the people of Salem that they do not have for us.

Suspicion Overall Story Issue Suspicion founded on envy and ignorance is a thematic issue that affects all of the characters in The Crucible: I do think you are suspecting me somewhat? Miller 67 Evidence Evidence manufactured from hysteria and revenge is thematically explored in the objective story: How high did she fly, How high?

No, no, she never flew— Mrs. Why sure she did. Miller 13 ; Hale: Goody Proctor, I do not judge you.

My duty is to add what I may to the godly wisdom of the court. Why, she done it herself! Hale, struck by the proof, is silent.

I find here a poppet Goody Proctor keeps. I tell you true, Proctor, I never warranted to see such proof of Hell. Evidence Miller demonstrates how frenzied hysteria can develop from unfounded suspicion and faulty evidence: I have myself examined Tituba, Sarah Good, and numerous others that have confessed to dealing with the Devil.

They have confessed it. It is his own suspicion, but he resists it. I-I have once or twice plowed on Sunday.

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Your Honor, I cannot think you may judge the man on such evidence. I have seen marvels in this court. I have seen people choked before my eyes by spirits; I have seen them stuck by pins and slashed by daggers.

I have until this moment not the slightest reason to suspect that the children may be deceiving me. Do you understand my meaning? Miller 91 Inertia Overall Story Problem The tendency to maintain the status quo creates problems in the objective story: I have gone tiptoe in this house all seven month since she is gone.

I have not moved from there to there without I think to please you, and still an everlasting funeral marches around your heart. Miller 54 ; Despite advice to the contrary, Danforth continues with the witch trials: There will be no postponement. Now hear me and beguile yourselves no more.

I will not receive a single plea for pardon or postponement. Postponement now speaks a floundering on my part; reprieve or pardon must cast doubt upon the guilt of them that died till now.

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If retaliation is your fear, know this—I should hang ten thousand that dared to rise against the law, and an ocean of salt tears could not melt the resolution of the statutes. Elizabeth is able to alter her tendency to continue to blame John for his failings: It is difficult to say, and she is on the verge of tears.

Whatever you will do, it is a good man does it.People fear change. People fear persecution.

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In the play The Crucible fear is used ridiculously to persecute the innocent and save ones self. Salem, a puritan community, had god and religion as its number one priority.

Free summary and analysis of the quotes in Act I of The Crucible that won't make you snore. We promise. A crucible is a container made of a substance that can resist great heat ; a crucible is also defined as a severe test. Within the context of the play the term takes on a new meaning: not only is the crucible a test, but a test designed to bring about change or reveal an individual's true character. “The Crucible” Research Paper Example: The word crucible suggests not only the setting of witch hysteria, but the fundamental theme of the play as well, for a crucible also refers to a severe test or trial.

I chose The Crucible as a work to investigate because of its dramatic power and its sense of immediacy and relevancy. There is something powerful about it and haunting that causes it .

The Crucible Webquest Background Research Directions: You will be placed in a group and work together to research background information about The Crucible. Each group member is responsible for completing his or her own question sheet but you may divide the .

Fear in Salem could have been used to advance anyone’s agenda. Some used the opportunity to ruin others’ lives, while others used it to help themselves. Arthur Miller demonstrates the versatility of fear in The Crucible. Collective fear is mass hysteria, a type of fear that usually causes mass delusion.

How do the authors of ‘The Crucible’ and ‘Year of Wonders exposes the dark side of the town demonstrating how irrationality can whilst fear causes. The Crucible employs the historical events of the Salem Witch Trials to develop a powerful critique of moments in human history when reason and fact became clouded by irrational fears and the desire to place the blame for society’s failures and problems on certain individuals or groups.

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