Scm 5850 final paper

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Scm 5850 final paper

In this case, 2. The flasks were then capped with aluminum foil to prevent cross-contamination, and placed in an orbital shaker set to the desired temperature and rpm, a rate that had been visually determined to be sufficient to achieve complete solid suspension.

At regular time intervals the shaker was stopped and the flasks were weighed to determine the mass of water that had evaporated. The evaporated water loss was made up by adding an equal volume of deionized water. The flasks were mixed thoroughly by shaking to keep the pulp density uniform, and 5 mL of slurry samples were removed and immediately filtered using 0.

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The filtrate was analyzed for oxidation reduction potential ORPpH, nickel and ferrous ion concentration. Experiments A1-A3 and B1-B4 were performed in triplicate, while in the case of Experiment C1-C2 and D1, four to six separate flasks were prepared and at each timepoint the contents of one flask were filtered and analyzed for elemental sulfur along with aqueous phase Scm 5850 final paper taken in all remaining flasks.

To extract elemental sulfur from the leach slurry in Experiments C1-C2, a combination of the techniques described by Dutrizac [ 14 ], and McGuire and Hamers [ 15 ] was used.

At the end of the leaching test the contents of the flask were vacuum filtered with a 10 cm Buchner filter using 15 cm Whatman filter paper.

Scm 5850 final paper

To remove any sulfur from the walls, the flask was rinsed several times with water followed by filtration. To extract elemental sulfur from the residue, the filter paper was folded several times and placed for 24 h in a beaker containing 50 mL of perchloroethylene PCEmin.

After sulfur extraction, the PCE solution was filtered using a 0.

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Analytical Methods Liquid samples obtained during the leaching experiments were analyzed for total dissolved iron, nickel and other metals using ICP-OES.

The ferrous ion concentration in liquid samples was determined via potentiometric titration with a 0. A Dionex Acclaim C18 reverse-phase column 4.

Scm 5850 final paper

The eluent was degassed prior to use with helium. Each measurement lasted for 25 min, and the peak corresponding to the elemental sulfur appeared between 15 and 20 min, due to small changes in the eluent composition.

Energy-dispersive X-ray EDX spectra was obtained with the same instrument. About 1 g of the solid sample was gently dispersed in epoxy and adequate time was allowed to ensure that the material was fully cured about 24 h. The sample mount was gently ground and polished with a grit silicon carbide paper under running water and then subjected to SEM analysis.

Results and Discussion 3.

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Effect of Temperature on Nickel Extraction The effect of temperature on the kinetics of nickel extraction from the upgraded pyrrhotite tailings is shown in Figure 2. These results were obtained by leaching about 0.

In all cases the total nickel in solution appeared to level off before complete dissolution Figure 2dotted lineswith higher temperatures corresponding to higher total nickel extraction. Curve fittings in Figure 2 solid lines were made with the diffusion-control shrinking core model SCM as discussed below.

Effect of temperature on nickel extraction kinetics. The error bars represent standard deviation of triplicate tests. The extraction of nickel from the pyrrhotite tailings involves a reaction between Fe2 SO4 3 and the nickel-containing sulfide minerals pyrrhotite and pentlandite, which exist as a mixture.

Although tailings are non-uniform particulate material in terms of composition and size, the SCM was tested as a semi-empirical kinetics model for the overall nickel dissolution kinetics [ 17 ].

The nickel extraction vs.Distributed Feedback Control for Decision Making on Supply Chains Christopher Kiekintveld Michael P. Wellman Satinder Singh Joshua Estelle Yevgeniy Vorobeychik Vishal Soni Matthew Rudary.

Ph.D. Program in Supply Chain Management Degree Requirements. The PhD program in SCM is a full-time four-year program. Minimum coursework requirements include 42 graduate credit hours covering the major field of SCM (21 hours), research tool courses (12 hours), and a student-selected supporting field of study (9 hours).

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SCM Final Paper Words | 21 Pages Assignment for Course: SCM – Managing Customer & Supplier Relations Submitted to: Dr. Dennis Duke Submitted by: Charles Archer Michael Carrington Grenisha Williams Felipe Ray-Centeno Cyrus Wyche Date of Submission: 24 May Title of Assignment: Cincinnati Seasonings Simulation Final Report.

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