Piggery business plan in nigeria boko

See Best Modern Guidelines Pig farming in Nigeria has become a lucrative business investment that has been enriching investors and entrepreneurs constantly. Pig farming is no doubt a very lucrative business venture that has a very huge profit margin.

Piggery business plan in nigeria boko

piggery business plan in nigeria boko

By Sarah Funk Raising pigs on your farm provides bacon, sausage and other tasty pork products. A small pork smoker. Photo by Mother Earth News Staff As smokehouses are growing more popular today, people can buy commercially built ones or build simple ones.

Photo by Mother Earth News Staff Home-smoked, mahogany-colored bacon, plump juicy hams, fresh spicy sausage and snowy lard are mostly nostalgic memories in this country today As a matter of fact, there's a couple of very good reasons why it should be. In this age of antibiotics, hormones, overcrowded feedlots, preservatives and quick-cure methods, producing one's own is practically the only way to be assured of quality meat.

Furthermore, raising a hog is a project especially suited to the small or beginning farmer because: Last summer my husband, Arthur, and I undertook the project of raising and butchering two hogs We rendered the lard, made sausage, cured and smoked bacon and hams Our experience should offer encouragement to anyone else contemplating such an undertaking for the first time.

First of all, should you raise one pig or two? The fact is that a lone hog doesn't grow well at all he likes to have company So what's to do? There are at least two ways out of this dilemma. One is to find a friend who would like to raise his own porker but has no place to do it.

Offer to raise a second pig for your comrade who will, in turn, bear his share of the cost and help with the butchering. It will be no more trouble for you to raise two hogs than one, the pigs will have each other for company and you'll be doing someone a favor besides!

Continue Reading A second alternative is to raise and butcher two pigs, one for home consumption and one to sell.


Although all states have laws regarding the butchering and selling of meat check with the nearest slaughterhouseI believe that — in general practice — no one bothers the small farmer who raises for himself and sells to his friends.

A third alternative, of course, is the raising of one or more "extra" hogs for sale on the hoof on the open market. With the competition from commercial pig "factories" what it is today, however, this is no real alternative at all — Editor.

Should you have doubts about the feasibility of selling home-butchered meat, find out before you start how many of your friends and neighbors would be interested in buying fresh pork next fall.

If your experience is anything like ours, you'll find so many people hankering for real farm-raised meat that your pig will be "all 'et" before it's even raised! Although fresh pork does not command a large price, you should be able to get back as much as you put into the pig you sell, plus a little extra to offset the cost of the one you keep for yourself.

Furthermore, if you'd like to receive double the price for your product, you can do so by curing and smoking some of the meat before you offer it for sale.

I think I'm safe in promising that you'll have no difficulty in selling your home-smoked bacon and hams. With such an investment of time and labor the cost is minimal your sales might offset the entire cos of raising the hogs, and your winter's supply of pork would be free! Let me state, however, that there are no guarantees in this business and I'm not suggesting that this is a "sure, easy way to get cheap food".

Consider the following before you start: Then again, common sense and a little patience are the only basic requirements for being a successful hog-raiser and butcherer. If you like doing things for yourself and want to start depending on your own hands, this is a good place to start. Buying Pigs In farm communities, young pigs are usually offered for sale in the newspapers throughout the spring and summer months.

If you don't find any listed in the papers, ask around at farm supply stores or drop in on a stock sale To begin with your garden isn't even planted, much less ready to feed a porkerleslutinsduphoenix.com— Backyard Piggery Project - Starting A Backyard leslutinsduphoenix.comrd Piggery leslutinsduphoenix.comng a backyard piggery project.

Swine raising project in the backyard. Although demand for pork in many areas is high, the rising cost of production discourages. If you stick to the right business plan and good management, you will be able to make a lot of profit from running a restaurant.

There are different types of restaurants in Nigeria, and some of them are fast foods, diners, mobile food vendors, bukas (roadside food vendors), and regular restaurants. piggery farming business plan in nigeria sample Sun, 16 Dec GMT piggery farming business plan in pdf - Pig farming business is a very profitable business, and many people are making money all over the world by starting a piggery business.

However, to build a. A conference was organised by the Association for Promotion of Piggery in Nigeria (APPN) in Lagos to review smallholder pig value chain. But his plan to be a big farmer lacked one basic. You can’t plan your pig farming business successfully without the help of a good business plan to direct your decisions.

Aside from helping you to run your business, the business plan will also assist you in getting investors to invest in your pig farming business in Nigeria.

A Complete Business Plan for Piggery Business in Nigeria. Thinkers Resource Limited is proud to bring you the exclusive and much sought after quality complete business plan for Piggery Church could not stop crying as he dedicated the award to the memory of all the Christians killed in the North by Boko Haram Stop crying lets continue.

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