Name any two ways of providing fullness to a garment

Dictionary of Terms frequently used in Garment Industry. Armscye The armhole of a garment.

Name any two ways of providing fullness to a garment

Name any two ways of providing fullness to a garment. Give one advantage and one disadvantage of natural fabric. What kind of fabric is used for test fitting? What was its called and why was it used? History has instances where adornment occasionally overlooks comfort and practicality.

Give two methods of making it. Why do Italian garments command high value in the foreign markets? Give any two reasons. How will you identify the right side of textured and twill fabrics from the wrong side OR What precautions should be taken while cutting directional fabrics?

Explain the two principles on which classical Greek costumes were based. How will you take care of silk and lycra fabrics? What is the purpose of applying underlining to a garment? Give the criteria for its selection. Historically many methods have been used for adorning the body. Briefly explain any three methods.

To provide a smooth shoulder appearance in a garment, what points should be kept in mind? Briefly explain the three steps involved in preparing woven fabrics before cutting. Give three specific characteristics for each of the following: Give the cause for the following fitting problems: Describe its two types.six ways in which control fullness in a garment explain any two methods describe in detail two ways you could find the height of the tree indirectly.

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explain your methods give specific measurments you make directly show how you can use these measurements to find the objects height another name for disposal of fullness ; home economics. Two-dimentional pre-shaped garment pieces produced by flatbed knitting machines and emerge ready to assemble Knit and wear Three dimensional pre shaped garments knitted to fit the shape of the body and may only require minimal operations for finishing, if any.

Ruffle: A strip of fabric cut or handled in such a way as to create fullness. Seam: The joining of two pieces of fabric by sewing. Seam Allowance: The amount of fabric between the . fullness can also be integrated into a garment design this way.

Gussets diamond-shaped insets of fabric stitched into garment areas to provide fullness and ease of movement.


curve. If you have a large body curve, two small darts will usually fit better than one large dart. Always check dart placement and make any necessary adjustments before permanently stitching and pressing.

Name any two ways of providing fullness to a garment

How to Lower/Raise Darts On the garment or the pattern (when pattern-fitting), mark the bust point with a pin. Remove pin basting or dart stitching. History of Costume I - Flash Cards 2.

STUDY. PLAY. Eccentric fashions.

Name any two ways of providing fullness to a garment

Condemned by clergy & court. tailors had developed the ability to join what were once two separate leg hose into one garment, joined at the crotch. Phase III ( - ) women's underwear now took on the function of .

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