Human slavery research paper

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Human slavery research paper

Human rights and Modern Slavery Act Respecting and recognising fundamental freedoms We must always conduct our operations in ways that respect the human rights of our employees, the people we work with and the communities in which we operate.

We have had a long-standing commitment to respect fundamental human rights, as affirmed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Our Modern Slavery Act statement We recognise that, like all businesses, we run the risk of being exposed to modern slavery either within our own operations or those of our extended supply chain.

Our statement details how we continue to build upon and strengthen our approach within the context of our broader human rights strategy. It sets out the steps taken by BAT plc and subsidiary Group companies, duringto prevent modern slavery and human trafficking in our business and supply chains.

Modern Slavery Act statement This began inwith a review of our existing policies and approach to human rights management, informed by an independently facilitated stakeholder dialogue.

Human slavery research paper

In earlywe complemented this with the introduction of our our Supplier Code of Conduct which defines the minimum standards expected of all our suppliers worldwide, including the respect of human rights.

Having established a strong policy base, we continued to focus in on enhancing due diligence across our business and supply chains.

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Our supply chains Arguably, the area of greatest risk for human rights abuses is in our tobacco leaf agricultural supply chain. We have extensive due diligence in place for all our tobacco leaf operations and third-party suppliers, including the industry-wide Sustainable Tobacco Programme.

We have also long had due diligence processes in place for strategic suppliers of direct product materials, such as major suppliers of cigarette filters, paper and packaging.

But to closer align with the UNGPs, and to better manage supply chain risks and opportunities, we extended the scope in to include all our direct materials suppliers worldwide, as well as strategic suppliers of indirect goods and professional services.

Human slavery research paper

All these suppliers are now assessed according to independent human rights indices and those with the highest risk exposure are prioritised for enhanced due diligence. The audits are conducted by Intertek — a highly respected global auditing company — and include criteria on forced labour, child labour, wages and hours, health and safety, environment and management systems.

If any issues are identified, suppliers are required to implement corrective actions. Intertek verifies they have done so either through a desktop review, for moderate issues, or a follow-up audit for more serious issues.

For our indirect suppliers, suppliers in 16 countries were identified as high risk and required to undergo a self-assessment in This provided us with information on the policies, procedures and practices the supplier has in place to effectively manage human rights risks.

Where the assessments highlighted areas for improvement, we worked with the supplier to develop corrective actions. Our own business operations With the majority of our employees working in Trade Marketing and Distribution, managerial or manufacturing roles, where we have robust oversight and control, human rights risks in our own business operations are substantially avoided.

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The risks that do exist are also mitigated as a result of robust policies, practices, compliance and governance procedures in place across all our Group companies. However, we recognise the need to continually work to ensure these are effectively applied and to carefully monitor the situation in countries where local circumstances may mean a greater exposure to human rights risks, such as where regulation or enforcement is weak, or there are high levels of corruption, criminality or unrest.

It is a specific requirement of our key business controls, which apply to all Group companies, for human rights risk assessments and risk mitigation action plans to be in place in high-risk countries and for processes to be in place to demonstrate that human rights are managed effectively in the workplace and supply chain.

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Human slavery research paper

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