Guard against temptation expository sermon notes religion essay

Since then every person has struggled with temptation. Becoming a Christian and even walking with God for many years does not eliminate or even minimize the dangers of temptation. There is within us all a strong desire for the forbidden fruit. Our text is a classic case study of the process of temptation.

Guard against temptation expository sermon notes religion essay

These include assuming liability for the debts of others Proverbs 6: The advice in this section provides a good example of what prudence is. A prudent person is one who is capable of exercising sound judgment in practical matters.

He or she is cautious and discreet in conduct, is circumspect, and is sensible. We often describe a prudent person by saying that he or she has common sense. A prudent person can foresee the consequences of possible actions and behaves accordingly.

A godly wise person can be prudent because God"s revelation helps us see the usual consequences of our actions before we commit them. This is largely what the Book of Proverbs helps us do. Paul offered to pay Onesimus" past debts, but not his future ones Philemon 1: This is a figure of speech called a merism in which two extremes represent the whole.

Solomon strongly counseled avoidance of this obligation. If one finds himself in it already he should do everything he can to get himself out of it before he discovers that he is in even worse trouble Proverbs 6: The writer did not command his son never to become surety for his neighbor; he told him what to do if he had already done this so he could escape the consequences that typically follow such an act.

The reader is not disobeying God if he or she becomes surety for a stranger, but this proverb warns of the possible consequences and gives advice about how to avoid them.

See Kidner"s subject study on the sluggard, pp Whybray, Wealth and Poverty in the Book of Proverbsp A simple joke is different from joking at someone else"s expense, joking that hurts someone else.

The latter practice is what Solomon urged his son to avoid. He called such a mischievous prankster "worthless" and "wicked" Proverbs 6: The list in Proverbs 6: It may have been one whole proverb he added because it carried on the idea of other temptations to avoid.

The guilt of adultery6: We can profit from reading it frequently.“But godliness with contentment is great gain, for we brought nothing into the world, and we cannot take anything out of the world. But if we have food and clothing, with these we will be content. against this influence, but repeatedly succumbed to it in later years—just as have people in every age.

The first of the Ten Commandments, "Thou shalt have no other. But we need to be aware that having made the commitment, we need also to guard against falling into temptation, because though the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak.

And temptation strikes often times not when we are at our strongest, but our weakest moments. The first man came out of the earth, a material creature. The second man came from Heaven and was the Lord himself.

Guard against temptation expository sermon notes religion essay

For the life of this world men are made like the material man; but for the life that is to come they are made like the one from Heaven. It is true that sin usually gives initial pleasure; but it’s always followed by lasting pain.

Kidner crisply notes, “So simple the act, so hard its undoing” (p. 68). A strategy for victory over temptation: I’ve developed Satan’s pattern for temptation sufficiently so that you can fill in an appropriate strategy for victory.

"Temptation" is the Greek peirasmos and means "testing." It refers not so much to solicitation to evil as to trials that test the character. It refers not so much to solicitation to evil as to trials that test the character.

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