Essay locker random search

Pros The main purpose of random school drug testing is not to catch kids using drugs, it to keep them from ever using them. Once their using drugs its harder for them to break their addiction. With many employers drug testing its very important for a kid's future not to use drugs. Drug use is responsible for many crimes.

Essay locker random search

However, there is some disagreement as to the best policies for making a school safe. Locker searches are one tool schools have to ensure that students are following school policies, but they are not without drawbacks.

Essay locker random search

Effectiveness The primary advantage of locker searches is their effectiveness. Locker searches can be localized to the lockers of suspected students or drug-sniffing dogs can alert administrators to lockers that may contain illegal substances or drug paraphernalia.

Besides its effectiveness in practice, the very presence of a school locker search policy can be an effective deterrent.

If students know their lockers are subject to search, they may be less likely to bring banned items to school in the first place, making the school environment safer. Breaking Trust The biggest drawback to a school locker search is the lack of trust students may feel as a result of actions they see as an invasion of privacy.

Because students may keep personal items in their lockers, such as photographs and personal letters, even a search with the best intentions can appear to be a major breach of trust by teachers and administrators, causing a rift between the student body and the faculty.

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Time School locker searches also consume valuable time for administrators, security guards and teachers who conduct them. If a school decides to institute a locker search policy, there is the added need for time to bring the issue up at a school board or parent-teacher association meetings, along with the time and effort to send notices to students and parents alerting them of the new policy.

Legal Issues School locker searches may also run into any one of a number of legal issues. The actual legal status of a locker search will eventually depend on the reasons for suspecting a locker of containing dangerous or illegal contents and the presence or absence of a locker search policy known by students.

If a student or her parents choose to take legal action against a school because of a locker search, a costly legal battle could follow. Legal Precedent Despite the legal issues surrounding locker searches, courts tend to favor schools in such cases, according to World Law Direct.

This is especially true in cases where students were warned of the potential for locker searches at an earlier time, such as in a student handbook or announced at the beginning of the school year.Locker searches are good whether it is us a uniformed locker search or a random search.

This is one way that we can keep the school protected from all sorts of danger.

Essay locker random search

Locker searches might be a pain, but it is very helpful, and can save a lot of people. New Jersey v T.

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L. O. () addresses the issue of whether a search by a school official is a "search" at all for Fourth Amendment purposes. It also considers whether the standard of probable cause that applies in the cases of criminal standards should be modified to reflect the special circumstances of public education and the relationship.

Random Locker Searches essaysOpposing Side- Random Locker Searches The IV amendment states "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cau.

Oct 26,  · On the other hand, locker searches are random, and it is understandable because the lockers are the school’s property. Locker searches are not an invasion of privacy. Nevertheless, other schools do not ask parents for consent and actually give random drug tests. Jun 18,  · A version of this article appears in print on June 18, , on Page D of the National edition with the headline: Wisconsin School Wins Case On Random Locker Searches. School Searches of Students' Lockers Essay Words 3 Pages According to the National Education Association, at least , students bring guns to school, , students skip classes because they fear physical harm, 40 students are killed or hurt by firearms, nearly 6, teachers are threatened with bodily injury, and teachers are physically assaulted.

, Canine Sniff Searches In Schools Q: Is a school district permitted to use dogs to sniff search lockers and vehicles of students for drugs? If so, what are the legal implications? A: I. The leslutinsduphoenix.comrd In the United States Supreme Court issued its first and only decision on.

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The best way to ensure that such contraband items are found and removed is for the school authorities periodically to search a random selection of student lockers.

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