Eng 212 creative writing 1

Bachelor of Arts Nature of Program The department offers programs for students who want to develop skills in writing, analytical reading, and critical thinking in order to prepare for any number of career paths.

Eng 212 creative writing 1

The historical method encourages the development of a sense of context, perspective and coherence, while also identifying complexity and ambiguity.

The discipline provides a framework for understanding the human condition, and it exposes students to different values and societies. Core history courses emphasize the diversity of interpretations in the study of the discipline.

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See the Pathway course lists on the Marist Core website for more information. Discipline Courses that will fulfill the History breadth requirement History Any or level history course.

Literature Literature acquaints us with those images, symbols, and stories that are of enduring value for a particular culture. These courses also orient students to the properties and conventions of literary language so that they may participate more fully in the ongoing creation of meanings and values within their culture.

Writing and theatre workshops do not fulfill this requirement. Also, if you are not an English major but are interested in taking a level English course for Core credit, you may request permission to do so from the faculty member teaching the course; 2 Some special-topics courses might fulfill the Literature Breadth requirement; 3 Many literature courses work in particular Pathways, as well as fulfilling this Breadth requirement.

Eng 212 creative writing 1

It cannot fulfill both. Any foreign-language literature course e. Mathematics Using generalization, abstraction, and deduction, mathematicians create models of all types of physical and social phenomena. For that reason, mathematics is the language used to express concepts and to facilitate analysis in the natural and social sciences.

The study of mathematics promotes critical thinking, quantitative analysis, and deductive reasoning, essential skills in an ever-changing world. The discoveries of scientists constantly change our understanding of the universe, while on a more personal level, these discoveries constantly alter the way we live.

In order to be a well-educated individual and in order to make responsible decisions, one must have a basic understanding of how scientists ask and answer questions, and how scientific theories are formed and modified.

While focusing on a specific subject area, classes in the Natural Sciences will address some of the following questions: How do scientists make decisions? What is a scientific theory and why do theories change? To answer these questions, one must gather information and engage in analytical thinking and problem-solving.

Then, in order to have conversations with other scientists and the broader community, one must be able to effectively communicate the conclusions derived from this process.

Eng 212 creative writing 1

Thus, while gaining an understanding of a specific field, the students in Natural Science classes will develop their science literacy while practicing the basic academic skills of gathering information, analyzing information, and communicating.

Please note that many courses work in particular Pathways as well as fulfilling the Natural Science Breadth requirement.Revised 5/ NOVA COLLEGE-WIDE COURSE CONTENT SUMMARY ENG – CREATIVE WRITING II (3 CR.) Course Description Introduces students to the fundamentals of writing imaginatively.

1 ENGLISH , Section , Creative Writing: Fiction Instructor: Shane Stricker Eng. , Sect. , CRN: Tuesday/Thursday: , Armstrong Hall Office Location: Colson Hall Informal writing will be accepted up to a week late with a penalty of up to half the assignment’s. eng + 1: creative writing i-ii: 3, 3: engl + 2xxx: intro to creative writing + elective: 6: 1 students must take both courses to receive transfer credit.

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