Common core standards writing rubric

The standards intentionally reflect the read-write connection and the relationship between critically consuming texts to build knowledge and producing texts to convey knowledge.

Common core standards writing rubric

Common Core Curriculum Rubric: When asked to review these curricular units, I realized I needed a rubric to help me take an objective look at them and be able to share the results with the curriculum writers.

Common core standards writing rubric

We also added the criteria of alignment and assessment to provide a clearer picture of other elements that must be present and adapted for ELLs in order for them to be better positioned to access content lessons.

We recognize that the rubric is not perfect, but we hope that it will be useful as a starting point when you co-plan content instruction with content teachers. Take it for a spin, adapt as needed, and let us know how it works!

The rubric is also available as a PDF file. However, the lesson tasks are not fully aligned with the standards.

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The lesson may or may not contain student-friendly objectives, or student-friendly objectives are not well developed. The lesson includes student-friendly objectives e.


There are few strategies to support ELL engagement and participation. The lesson contains some opportunities for ELLs to practice academic language. There are some strategies to support ELL participation and engagement. However, not all activities contain such strategies, or the strategies do not appropriately account for ELLs of varying proficiency levels.

Academic language instruction is woven throughout the lessons.

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Each lesson activity provides scaffolding for ELLs of varying proficiency levels. Lesson includes strategies to support ELL engagement and participation e. The lesson contains questions that require close reading and analysis of the text, but the questions are not appropriately scaffolded for all levels of ELLs.

Common core standards writing rubric

The lesson offers opportunities for students to practice some of the language domains. The lesson contains text-dependent questions scaffolded for ELLs e. Students have opportunities to practice all four language domains throughout the course of the lesson.

Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction Background knowledge is not provided for ELLs. Background knowledge is provided for ELLs but it may be too much, too little, or not concisely taught.

Standards in this strand:

The lesson includes some vocabulary instruction. Some modified texts or native language support may be provided. Strategies are not differentiated by proficiency level.Many teachers across the country have been exploring, and sometimes struggling with implementation of the new Common Core Standards.

We’re hoping that the conversation that follows between Kathy Hoyt, a kindergarten teacher in New Jersey, and Eileen Feldgus, co-author of Kid Writing. This pages includes support materials for assessments that work with the Common Core State Standards and rubrics for many different assessment products.

It also contains some information on the creation of rubrics and assessment in general.

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carlani Common Core Aligned Argument Writing Rubrics for Middle School This packet includes the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade versions of a complete 4-point rubric that assesses eight Common Core Standards.

The rubrics are included in a colored version PDF, a gray scale version PDF, and an editable Microsoft Word version. I condensed the Smarter Balance writing rubrics onto one page per type of writing for each age band as a tool for teachers Smarter Balanced CCSS ELA Writing Rubrics (Adapted) By: cristama.

Loading Livebinder Smarter Balanced CCSS ELA Writing Rubrics (Adapted) Search: Sign Up Log In;. Many of the questions on the Grade 4 Common Core English Language Arts Test are more advanced and complex than those found on prior assessments that measured prior grade-level standards.

The Colorado Academic Standards in Reading, Writing, and Communicating were written for all students using the content, concepts, skills and language conventions and structures found within the English language.

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