Bioterrorist attack in the united sates essay

BOX Recommendations 1. The committee endorses and affirms policies and practices that, to the maximum extent possible, promote the free and open exchange of information in the life sciences.

Bioterrorist attack in the united sates essay

Health information searching is the third most researched item on the internet. With that being said we have proof on how often health related topics are searched for.

HINTS was developed to help concerned people distinguish their symptoms between cancer and other health problems. A focus group was established when creating the survey. The group broke down the different procedures and various assumptions on what the outcome would look like.

With one focus group working on different variations of the survey there was also another focus group developing the survey questions.

As the article continues on the process of conducting a survey unfolds and readers are given an inside look at the work behind the scenes of surveys. A unique thing the HINTS company did when preparing to perform their survey was the review past experiments and analysis the things that went wrong during them.

When the United States is faced with a threat against their security public opinion polls are a great source for helping the government. Public opinion polls can be very helpful for policy makers. Soldiers were interviewed and asked questions about their knowledge on the war, opinion on certain aspects of the war, feelings towards particular wartime challenges and other various topics.

With the results from the surveys the government was able to better understand the morale of the soldiers. Like in the Nielson article Blendon also discusses the different outcomes from medical surveys. Most of the public opinions are shared through public polls giving the researchers the inside scoop on what people are thinking.

One significant time when public opinion polls were a success was during the anthrax scare following September 11th attacks.

Bioterrorist attack in the united sates essay

During this health crisis the fast turnaround from the surveys gave the quickest results for concerned Americans. Short-duration polls can be conducted without a big risk of biased results. Surveying in this case was done through a process in which the surveys were continually conducted in many different series.

The anthrax scare and public polling technique was a success in many ways but also had a few negatives. Surveying seems to give the researchers the basic knowledge on what concerns Americans have. With basic knowledge the researchers go into depth with their research and find a successful answer.

Recent public health polls have been conducted on the swine flu vaccine scarce. At the time the poll was taken the vaccine had been available for about a month. Due to the manufacturing delays the supplies have been very limited. The poll found that 80 percent of the adults considered for the priority groups have admitted that they have not even tried to get it yet.

Harvard conducted the telephone poll, 1, adults were polled creating a margin of error of 3. The polls reflected a lot of the things the government was already aware of.

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One similar finding was that nearly a third of Americans who did not successfully get the vaccine became frustrated.

After the poll was conducted they concluded that a lot of the frustration was because of the long waiting lines. With a third of Americans unable to receive the vaccine the poll concluded that 9 out of every 10 people will try again.There are nationally operated biological research laboratories with missions focusing on defense against potential biological agents [such as the United States Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID 20) at Fort Detrick in the United States or Porton Down in the United Kingdom], but no laboratories exist that have.

17 November Public Polls Impact on the Medicine Industry The topics of today’s readings focused on the importance of public polling in the medical field. Blendon’s article. “Using Opinion Surveys to Track the Public’s Response to a Bioterrorist Attack” identifies the .

The United States federal government should, in order to substantially increase the number of persons in the Armed forces, establish a month active-duty enlistment option for the United States Army guaranteeing post-graduate financial aid for enlistees.

Sarcasmic Musings Saturday, 21 April It has been ten years since the Raccoon City incident and the President of the United States has decided to reveal the truth behind what took place in the belief that it will curb the current resurgence in bioterrorist activity.

itself under threat of a bioterrorist attack. With no country safe. Essay on The Aftermath of a Bioterrorist Attack - The aftermath of a bioterrorist attack can be catastrophic to the population in any affected country. The effects can be medical, economic, political, psychological, and social, depending on what agent is used, and the conditions of its release.

Baystate Medical Center has a PGY13 emergency medicine residency with 12 residents per year and was recently named one of the top 15 major teaching hospitals in the United Sates for clinical.

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