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Anserd shc 22

What brand of synthetic oil is best - Amsoil or Mobil? Amsoil and Mobil are both really good brands. It also depends on what you use the car for.

If you like to drive fast? Want your engine to last longer?

Anserd shc 22

But the quality of oil is much, much better. I recommend Mobil for everyday driving. Amsoil has a large variety of different oils and viscountcies. The writer is correct on all ideas except Anserd shc 22 say why not stick with the very best for all conditions, what will happen if your car suddenly loses coolant or over heats for various reasons I have a friend who ran miles on no water in his S pick-up with Amsoil, no oil will protect that much!

Check the web link under motor oils and select 10W to find the oil comparison testing between Amsoil and Mobil 1. They are biased, and incorrect. A vast majority of drivers will notice no difference between running a fully synthetic oil over a semi synthetic.

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Regular oil changes are necessary on both, though you can go slightly longer in between oil changes with the synthetic oil. Remember, your engine produces roughly the same amount of oil contaminants, regardless of what oil you use.

These contaminants include unburnt fuel from cold start-up, the results of incomplete, or poor combustion, and normal carbon buildup. Your oil filter clogs at the same rate, regardless, so regular oil changes are necessary on both.

It is relevant to mention that the more expensive oil filters such as an amsoil filter ARE capable of filtering smaller particulate contamination, but due to this design, can actually plug up FASTER than your average manufacturer-specified oil filter.

Secondly, I am an Automotive Engineer with more than 5 years of relevant industry experience.

Anserd shc 22

There is no substitute for regular oil changes. I realize there are a lot of people that swear by it in the racing industry - But remember something.

They also cna run at much higher RPM's, and experience completely different pressure differentials in the crankcase. That guy went miles. NO water-cooled internal combustion engine will go even 50 miles without coolant - You can take my word for it.Stock Lubricants.

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