Aging society

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Aging society

Aging society

Click on any of these thumbnails to view full video. Opportunities and Challenges of an Aging Society Imagine a society with many more walkers than strollers. First, we will experience the effects of the remarkable increases in disability-free life expectancy of the twentieth century. Taken together, these forces will create an America populated, Aging society large part, by previously unimagined numbers of older people.

What will life in an Aging America be like for the elderly, and, perhaps more importantly, for the middle-aged and younger generations? As America ages, it is also becoming increasingly diverse. While some analysis and much political discussion has circulated around the sustainability of the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds, there has been much less work on the many critical issues surrounding the social, economic, and institutional implications of an Aging Society.

For example, how will the aging of society impact those in various socioeconomic groups disparately? We must understand where we will likely go, and develop the policies and strategies at the local and national levels that will optimize life opportunities for all age and socioeconomic groups in an Aging America.

Starting in midthe MacArthur Foundation sponsored a set of exploratory consultations with recognized scholars from relevant disciplines to evaluate the proposition that a significant opportunity exists for the Foundation to make an important contribution in this area.

This vigorous planning phase included meetings of American and European scholars from relevant disciplines and discussions with other groups and organizations working in areas related to an Aging Society. From these meetings emerged an agenda for a research network to conduct a society-wide, broad-based analysis of the modifications required in our major societal institutions to facilitate emergence of a productive, equitable Aging Society in the United States.Who We Are.

Founded in as the Western Gerontological Society, the American Society on Aging is an association of diverse individuals bound by a common goal: to support the commitment and enhance the knowledge and skills of those who seek to improve the quality of life of older adults and their families.

The membership of ASA is multidisciplinary and inclusive of professionals who are. Aging has a significant impact on of different ages tend to differ in many aspects, such as legal and social responsibilities, outlooks on life, and self-perceptions.

Jan 31,  · HOW AN AGEING POPULATION WILL CHANGE THE WORLD - BBC NEWS BBC News. Loading Unsubscribe from BBC News? How to Cure Aging – During Your Lifetime? - . Policy Center Welcome to GSA's policy branch, the National Academy on an Aging Society!

Aging society

As a non-partisan public policy institute, the Academy actively conducts and compiles research on issues related to population aging and provides information to the public, the .

Population ageing is an increasing median age in the population of a region due to declining fertility rates and/or rising life expectancy.

Population aging is a shift in the distribution of a country's population towards older ages. Aging has a significant impact on of different ages tend to differ in many aspects, such as legal and social responsibilities, outlook on life, and self-perception.

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