Actuarial assistant cover letter

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Actuarial assistant cover letter

Over the last four years, I have developed an interest in the applications of mathematics and in the solutions it can bring to problems in science, healthcare, business, finance and many other areas. I am very keen in gaining work experience that will enable Actuarial assistant cover letter to apply and expand the numerical skills learnt in university.

My interest in actuarial science has increased after researching the diversity of opportunities that an actuary career offers to maths students.

Actuarial Assistant

Personal research and conversations with other students who did internships have stimulated my desire to pursue a career in this particular domain. I believe that gaining a first-hand experience in a leading multinational provider of insurance such as MetLife would be an exciting and challenging opportunity.

After reading the impact that insurance providers in the European Union and worldwide could face as a result of the Solvency II regulations, I became more interested to observe how the insurance companies are preparing themselves.

It will be a very valuable experience to learn from and assist the Solvency II team during this process of regulatory changes. It is also very attractive to see that MetLife is a leader in insurance services in many Spanish speaking countries.

As I am considering a career in actuary and since I am fluent in Spanish, I believe that acquiring experience from MetLife would create more opportunities if I decide to work in Spain or any Latin American country after achieving the required qualifications.

During university I have been involved in a various mathematical projects. The group statistical project required constructing a multiple linear regression model of factors that affect the price of used cars. It was an important experience to gain team work skills alongside developing and using my own initiative to work independently under time limits.

Having a part-time job, the Numerical Analysis projects as well as exams, the intense work load helped me organise and manage time in an efficient way in order to meet deadlines.

Actuarial assistant cover letter

I am very interested in pursuing a career in actuary. I think that being in a working environment in MetLife and getting a feel for the field will be challenging and rewarding in my working, academic and social skills.

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Although I am still learning my craft, I believe that shadowing some of the best in the field of actuarial science particularly in the areas of insurance and risk will improve my application of mathematics.

I believe that I can assist and contribute to the targets and aims that the company has for an actuarial assistant. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss my application with you and look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, See our template for making your own punchy cover letter Get access to over 7, cover letters from candidates getting jobs at your target companies.

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Actuarial assistant cover letter

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Actuarial Analyst Cover Letter